Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Trying not to be hostile but . . .

David Kuo shooting from the heart - isn't that precious? Kuo, dude, you beat us up on a daily basis, how are we not going to be hostile? Why in the world should we trust you when the whole faith-based compassionate delusion has turned out just the way we thought it would? It's little more than a fig leaf to assuage guilt on the part of those who really know better or at least ought to. I guess I am being hostile but come on! Republican rhetoric and policy on poverty has been cynical for a long time and continues to be so now. Look at where the budget cuts in the Bush budget are. The poor are hurt so the tax cuts for the rich can be made permanent. That's compassion? You were duped and used and that's far more your fault than ours. Are we perfect? No, look at all the unfair jabs folks have thrown at Jim Wallis. But we never approach the callous cynicism of BushCo. How you blinded yourself to the ugly reality and failed to smell out the stench of all the lies, I cannot fathom. Of course that's your call. Here's how I see the bottom line: Republican victories mean harder times for the poor, and your work has aided the cause of Republicans.