Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Local fella John Brummett with a mighty fine column

Sometimes I worry about how nuts things are right now in the world what with Repubs on their dishonest, crazy America Empire jihad power trip. They don't even act conservative (see budget deficit, cost of Medicare drug benefit, Iraq liberation delusions, etc.). So that leaves it up to the rest of us trying to stay sane and being both sides of the semirational discussion: progressive liberal and conservative with integrity. How can we do it, I wonder. Well, John Brummett columns on good movies help. Maybe progressives from the South just have natural advantages. We have pretty good intuition combined with real honesty. Throws everybody off, I guess. But it's the combination of intuition and integrity that allows us to catch a glimpse of what an honest discussion might look like. Too bad power has corrupted conservatives to the point that they mock everything they claim to believe in. There is so much beauty in our culture, traditions, and history, and that beauty deserves better defenders. I always want us to progress and improve on our faults like race and poverty but we're stuck negotiating reality with the dishonest and delusional (creation science, SpongeBob, Janet Jackson) while the robber barons hoard all the wealth they can get their grubby little fingers on - and that's a lot of wealth. It's never enough, though, when you are addicted to power and status.