Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hooray for Dems - we got the guy we need!
Dr. Dean will give us the energy and backbone we need. And this opinion is from a big Bill Clinton fan, mind you. Just as Clinton was far more honest in real and important ways than the superficial Washington sorority bimbo media ever gave him credit for, so is Dean more moderate than the same bimbos claiming he is a crazy lefty (not that there is that much wrong with being a crazy lefty). We need to be feisty for the sake of the country we love. Conservatives have decided to make themselves living proof of tangible and rancid evil because they are drunk on arrogance and power. The media bimbos worship that evil power, and middle class fear and insecurity has blinded the country so that the spell of raw and naked power looks like security and safety. It's not, and we have to be brave enough to stand up and say so. Not just to win or even conquer evil. We cannot conquer evil, but we can be honest and faithful.