Monday, February 14, 2005

Here's how the post-truth, post-honesty right wing media game works
They use little wink-winks that folks in the movement are familiar with - like James Watt referencing the second coming of Jesus, but if outsiders try to call them on it, then they just claim they are being misunderstood. We need to shine light on every little wink-wink coded reference they make - like Bush bringing up Dredd Scott in the presidential debates. Of course we can always count on the sycophant weekly (or daily) standard to feign the misunderstood spiel, as usual. But it's nothing more than dishonest rationalization for the rich and powerful to be unaccountable to everyone else. The real tragedy is that so many folks in the movement end up being hurt by the rich and powerful. It's like they are an abused spouse who keeps going back for more.