Wednesday, February 02, 2005

good post on our petty little controversies and those (UCC & Olbermann) who deal with them gracefully and those (Dobson et al) who don't
I also want to add as Presbyterian that I'm not ashamed of our honest struggle on the issue. We are not as cutting edge as the UCC but it's partly because we are sincerely grappling with scripture and its meaning. That's a tough issue because it goes to faithfully reading scripture - I think scripture clearly says include those who are looked down on in a culture. But I'm in a community, and not everyone agrees with me right now. So for me I have to weigh community against my confidence of my own scripture reading. It's too complicated to try to cover in a single blog posting, but for me the real bottom line is that we don't need to be beating each other up too much over this issue. But kudos to the UCC.