Friday, January 07, 2005

same old Charlotte Hays
Let's see
"The Democrats, in their intellectually frivolous way, have no intention of holding a serious, non-sloganeering discussion on the subject of torture."
And Republicans, in their morally frivolous way, have no intention of holding a serious, no-excuses discussion on the subject of accountability.
Here's part of what Gonzales said in his opening statement:
"After the attacks of 9/11, our government had fundamental decisions to make concerning how to apply treaties and U.S. law to an enemy that does not wear a uniform, owes no allegiance to any country, is not a party to any treaties and - most importantly - does not fight according to the laws of war."

New rule for interpretation: whenever September 11 is written as 9/11, it means Republicans want to abuse their power. What did the people we tortured in Iraq have to do with September 11?
You'll notice I haven't mentioned Abu Ghraib--I saved the worst for last.
Oh yes, Ms. Hays, and you devote less then two paragraphs to it, and even there you only recite the lame excuses that virtue paragon himself Rush Limbaugh has tried ("sexualized society").
Now why is our society sexulized, do you think? Could it be profits for media tycoons like Rupert Murdoch? Ever watch Fox?