Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Kinsey and Sex

Rabbi Shmuley certainly makes some valid points about the the oft-cited "coarsening of our culture." But its cheap to blame Kinsey and his research for that reality when the culture of profit and competition fuels the coarseness. It ain't free-love hippies cranking out Fox programming, folks. Money is the driving force, but we blind ourselves to that truth. And the spiral gains momentum every time we get preachy but ignore the greed of our consumer culture and the hold money has on us all because young people sense the inherent dishonesty. I think this is why we see more and more cheating in school especially in competitive situations. The spiral of dishonesty teaches our kids to cheat and lie - that this is the real adult world. It is the real world for most adults - pharaoh and Caesar and Empire and power and money but with a veneer of lies about love, etc. But hey, I'm preaching and there's more time later to contemplate and pray and read and think.