Saturday, January 22, 2005

Nation article on abortion
I know that Mississippi politics look hideous to outsiders especially progressive liberals. It's a culture that is very different from other parts of the country, but to dismiss it without serious thought is a real loss. Because our own progressive ideology and rhetoric is sloppy on the issue of abortion, we have let false prophets sap the moral energy that ought to apply to poverty and the true need of a great many innocent kids in Mississippi. We all are at fault for the abomination that Mississippi is because we have not combated the false prophets and corporate sociopaths of the Republican party with the savvy that is necessary. Of course there are limits on what we should do to try to win, but if we fight wisely the innocent will fare better because the Republicans will have to make some efforts on the issue of poverty. It's not like there aren't reams of Christian scripture on our side. It's a matter of perseverance.