Saturday, January 22, 2005

Letft2 Right's Don Herzog on Equality of Opportunity
. . . room here for more left-right alliances in improving the nation's schools.
I want to agree (okay I'll go ahead and agree then), but read the responses. How can anyone paying attention not conclude that there is just too much cultural animosity on the right in the area of education? I think it's some kind of guilty defensiveness because there is undeniable injustice. Also these folks want desperately to argue that we are already spending enough money when almost certainly we aren't. Sounds like a formula for really angry conservatives, doesn't it? I'll almost give W a modicum of credit for braving the vitriol of his supporters on the issue. In my mind the first thing we need to do is address conservative anger about education. (Well I guess that idea applies to everything else in the world as well just cut and paste where education is in the sentence.) But anyway the next problem is that we are also impatient. We're going to have to make a long term commitment to increasing money and spending it wisely. It will be a tragedy if we let frustration, anger, and impatience destroy public education.