Monday, January 17, 2005

Good MLK thread on dKos
My take is that King points to a true inspiration that makes winning and losing not so important. They will take care of themselves. I don't mean that what we care about - peace, the environment, education, equality of opportunity, and everything else - that they aren't important. They are vital. But when we speak out and show up and persevere, then we make a true and positive force for good. Why do Republicans differ with us on all these issues of honest morality? Because they care more about winning and power and the way to win and get power is to take advantage of fear and anger. Everything we do that dissipates fear and anger forces the powerful - right now overwhelmingly Republican - to perform better on the truly moral issues of our time. They will try to divide us with dishonest and empty morality, but we have vision to see past our present failures. That is my take on Dr. King.