Friday, December 31, 2004

The silence of the religious on this issue is depressing. History will not be kind to us; nor should it be

surprised anyone?
Republicans - this is just what we expect from you.

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I still think we lose because the fake issues are easy. Real morality is tough, and we won't win just because we are right. Our best path is perseverance.

kos discussion kinda testy

Obviously important
I'm sympathetic with all these views, but I'm also more cynical. Or at least I think more over-riding is the "depravity of the human condition." I think that prosperity theology (pt) has killed the social gospel (sg) that was important in politics in the past. Bad preachers are making good livings with pt. Throw in phony social issues and victimization and then the money and status, which are the superficial signs of success that our culture idolizes, will roll in. The temptation is obviously too much.
In my estimation our short-term prospects are not so hot because pt appeals to some of the most powerful human desires: wealth, status, security.
But showing up and trying is under-rated. It does make a difference even when we don't win. Power and victory are not the only ways to make the world better.

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Love Stephen Metcalf's response. Conservatives don't seem to believe in anything but power presently. I know someday they will come to their senses - many at least - but what will it take?

onegoodmove discussion on God & tsunami
I don't understand why the tragedy happened. Plate tectonics etc. don't satisfy me as an answer to why. I try to cope with my lack of understanding with humble prayer.
Is it necessary for us to understand everything?

I'm not as smart as I had hoped.

Some of this blogging is just (not) quite as intuitive as I thought it would be.

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Losing posting virginity right now. Kinda hurts.
How do I stick links up here? I want to put up a bunch of great links, e.g. DailyKos, Altercation, Arkansas Times, Ironic Times, Onion . . . .